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Uploader: buzz tv
Published: 30 September 2017

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PETER TOSH: THE REAL REASON HE WAS KILLED! - The LanceScurv Show LanceScurv - Brother Keston & Mrs. Scurv have a very brief but intense discussion on the great Peter Tosh. while many have speculated about the true motivation behind his demise, here is a very different perspective that we would love to hear your opinions on! Is Brother Keston correct about his views and if not, what was the truth? Let the discussion begin! NEVER MISS ANOTHER SHOW! SIGN UP FOR TEXT ALERTS! CLICK TO GET DIRECT NOTIFICATIONS TO YOUR PHONE IN LIVE TIME! If you like this video please select the SUBSCRIBE BUTTON and hit the BELL ICON. That way you will be notified when a new video is released. Thanks! LanceScurv is an Insightful Culture Critic, Entertaining Podcast Host, Relentless Blogger, Talented Cartoonist & Omnipotent Social Media Activist, Strict Vegan, Off The Grid Survivalist, Third Eye Possessor & Separatist who focuses on the issues that the Mainstream Media is deathly afraid to touch and living an empowered productive life to the fullest! Call in live at the designated showtime toll free at 888.575.3769 or 321.420.4666 for international calls from outside of the U.S. Text /call Lance at 407.590.0755 if you have any inquiries about the program or desire a one on one interview. As always, please like, comment, share & subscribe! PAYPAL TIPS APPRECIATED, HELP US GROW THE CHANNEL THANKS: DONATE ON PATREON HERE: SEND MONEY VIA VENMO: SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL BELOW TO GET THE LATEST EPISODES OF THE LANCESCURV SHOW: VISIT THE WEBSITE AT: _ PAYPAL DONATIONS TO HELP SUPPORT THE CHANNEL ALSO AT: OR HIT THE YOUTUBE SUPPORT BUTTON! THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS BIG OR SMALL. __ FACEBOOK LIKE PAGE: INSTAGRAM: @LanceScurv TWITTER: @LanceScurv DOWNLOAD MY FREE APP: iPhone - | Android - Join Our Facebook Discussion Group @ PHONE/TEXT: 407.590.0755 #PeterTosh #BobMarley #ReggaeMusic
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Bob Marley's MANY Women - Teach Dem Teach Dem - Please Consider Supporting my Channel by becoming a Patron if you appreciate the Content: PayPal: Subscribe: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Email: [email protected] The purpose of this video is to explore the details of Bob's relationships and female conquests, his longstanding relationship with former Miss World Cindy Breakespeare, his trysts with other women, and the children that were born out of his escapades. Rita and Bob's Children At 11 a.m. February 10, 1966, after dating for nearly a year, Bob married Rita; the couple got married in the home of an Anderson family friend. Bob was 21 and his bride was 19 at the time. Together, Rita and Bob had five children or something of the sort: Sharon, Cedella, Ziggy, Stephen and Stephanie. . Cindy Breakespeare The woman most often linked with Bob, other than Rita or his mother Cedella, is Cindy Breakespeare. A former clerk at the Sheraton in Kingston and a dancer at the Dizzi Disco, Cindy first met Bob when the two became tenants at Chris Blackwell's house on 56 Hope Road during the early 1970's, when Cindy was only a teenager. They occupied different rooms in different areas of the house. Don Taylor asserts that Bob had made many passes at Cindy but it was not until he became famous and owner of the house that she paid him any attention. Janet Dunn (Hunt) A club dancer, Janet met Bob Marley sometime in the 1970's. Literature on her origins and her first encounter with the King of Reggae is nearly nonexistent. In fact, there is even a discrepancy over her name. In Catch a Fire Timothy White credits Janet Hunt with giving birth to Rohan Marley, whereas the Wailer family tree lists his mother as Janet Dunn. Whatever the case may be, little is known of Bob’s affair with this woman. Born in May 1972 to Janet, Rohan was later brought by Bob to stay with Rita at the age of four because his mother was not properly caring for him. Pat Williams In 1970, Bob began a relationship with a woman from Trenchtown named Pat, and again sources are conflicting as she is referred to as "Pat" in Songs of Freedom but referred to as "Lucille Williams" in Catch a Fire. She came to know Bob through her stays at 56 Hope Road. On one particular evening, she approached the [email protected] Bob in the moonlight. There in the yard she seduced him. Bob was so affected by the tryst that the next morning he wrote the lyrics to "Midnight Ravers" on a Kingston telephone book. The rendezvous bore a child Robbie, who was born in 1972. Eventually Robbie also fell under Rita’s care Janet Bowen Little is also known of this "baby mother" many sources doesnt even list a last name, simply referring to her as "Janet in England". She gave birth to Bob’s daughter Karen in 1973. Karen lived in Jamaica with her great grandmother in Harbor View, St. Andrew where she attended school. Eventually she became a regular visitor of the Marley clan Lucy Pounder A resident of Barbados, Lucy gave birth to Julian Marley on June 4, 1975. She raised her son in London and often brought him to visit Rita and Bob in Jamaica and Miami. Anita Belnavis In 1977 Anita, the Caribbean table tennis champion gave birth to son Ky-mani Marley. Little is known about this woman. Ky-mani spent summers with his father and surrogate mother Rita and moved to Jamaica in 1992. Yvette Crichton Yvette is the last woman with whom Bob is officially recognized as fathering a child. Out of their union was born Makeda Jahnesta Marley in 1981. By 1992, Makeda was a regular at Rita’s house and later became a beneficiary of the Marley estate. Conclusion The greatest reggae artist of all time certainly kept a busy life. Perhaps several early signs foretold this aspect of his life. mother Cedella the story, she replied "Yuh fadda de cause of plenty-plenty grief and travail". Perhaps, like his father, Bob also caused the mothers of his children grief and pain. About the lack of clarity regarding Bob’s affairs, Timothy White offers "No one who was connected with Marley, no matter how intimately, had a complete picture of the man. The network of restrictive confidences that Marley developed over the years was extensive, encompassing business arrangements, extramarital affairs, daily comings and goings, and songwriting collaborations." Yes, Bob Marley, fathered many children and had numerous lovers.. Yet, he held himself financially responsible to the children that were born from his encounters. As evidenced by the positive works written about Marley and his ongoing influence on the world, Marley’s legend lives on, be it through his children, or his music and positive messages. Gilly Gilbert, Bob’s Ital cook, says "Whatever Bob do, Bob do more right than wrong