DBSK | Love in the Ice | Live Performance + English Lyrics

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Uploader: Teenage Kpop Fan
Published: 28 January 2008

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DBSK | Love in the Ice | Live Performance + English Lyrics a video uploaded by Teenage Kpop Fan, With duration 5 Minutes 9 Seconds, You can also download DBSK | Love in the Ice | Live Performance + English Lyrics in low to high quality video file format and published from Monday January 28, 2008 that is almost 11 Years, 1 Months and 25 Days from now. this videos was viewed for 3,868,657 (Three Million, Eight Hundred And Sixty-eight Thousand, Six Hundred And Fifty-seven) times and 31,841 (Thirty-one Thousand, Eight Hundred And Forty-one) viewer send and mark this video a big like and thumbs up. 6,403 (Six Thousand, Four Hundred And Three) count of reviews were created and published with the thread.

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For You (Neoreul Wihae) // Jaejoong's Version (Mp3 Link + English Subtitels) Brokenwings98 - I just LOVE this song but or i should say this version of Jae. I have been searching for the original version and also the lyrics but couldn't find it anywhere. The way he sings it is beautiful. But thanks to ppl who commented now i know the original version is by Im Jae Bom. -------- Mp3 Download Link. I had to make a mp3 file for those who asked. I didn't know how to upload it on 4shared, but thanks to my friend kasupremeer, i managed to do http://www.4shared.com/mp3/A6t3ddND/file.html ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is the english subtitels thanks to iamSweetMiki: Maybe we are people Tangled in a complicated relationship Everyday I am debted to you Debts that are too much for me to pay back Sometimes like a couple, sometimes like strangers Can we keep living on like that Despite countless mistakes and seperations You are still there I know that you are the only person. Who can help me live properly in this world. I, in order to live without regrets, Should keep you by my side. My rough mind and unstable expressions. And you watching it. That is a love like a war. Because I'm dangerous, because I love you. I will leave from you. I will leave for you. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Singer: Kim JaeJoong Original Singer: 임재범 (Lim Jae Bum) Song Title: 너를 위해 (For You) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- kindly if you are not that interested in hearing his voice, you don't have to watch this video. PPl who watch this video are a fan of his voice. I'm one of those who doesn't really care about singer/actors personal life. We have no right to judge them when we don't really know the whole story. Instead of making a bad image for him try to ignore his videos. And let the others enjoy what they are searching for on youtube. Thanks ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Credit goes to the original uploader. I found it on 4shared
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